2013. december 19., csütörtök

Gyertek biciklis ajándékokat csinálni vasárnap !!!!!! Pleasemachine style lab & Serin

Last Minute Gifts - workshop with Serin bicycle and Pleasemachine leather works


Big Workshop Day for Last-Minute First-Class Presents will be this Sunday!

Registration - No
Entrance fee - No
Product tutorials - Yes
Craft tricks - Yes
Dogs - Yes
Boys -Yes
Mini-bar - Yes
Music - Yes
Boutique - Yes

Level of your experience: basic, medium or advanced
special guest-coach Serin will share cool tricks and help you to create rad bicycle accessories, Pleasemachine will teach you make leather works!

Tools, time and Ideas are totally free to use!
You only need to pay for the materials of the products that you make and take away. Rates are fair.

Come with friends or alone to Studio House on the back yard of Iskola bar: 3,5 floor, Hegedü str. 3
Call +36/30 9865977 or +36/20 522 2625 if you are lost.

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